• Why Venezuela Remains a Pageant Powerhouse

    Date: 2015.02.09 | Category: Other News | Tags:

    With several major international crowns in its bag, Venezuela is definitely the reigning powerhouse in pageants. In fact, it success is not just in recent years. It has constantly done well throughout the entire history of pageantry. Every year, people look forward to the new representatives of Venezuela. In fact, each year, the Miss Venezuela pageant runs for at least 3 hours. However, it still rakes a huge TV rating. Given its success, what are the secrets of this pageant powerhouse?

    1. Venezuelans take pageants seriously. It is just like how Americans look at basketball or Chinese take gymnastics. Venezuelan beauties dream to become queens at a very young age. Their parents hone them to become beauty queens. When they reach their teenage years, they start going to beauty schools and learn how to be a true beauty queen.
    2. The Miss Venezuela organization headed by Osmel Souza is really strict in determining the winner. They also let the girls go through a very serious and daunting series of tasks before the coronation night. There are pasarela (catwalk) trainings, communication skills development, personality development trainings and many others. They even go through surgeries whenever necessary. They also have rigorous training in time for international pageants.
    3. Venezuela is a very poor country despite being rich in oil deposits. Families see their daughters as their only hope out of poverty. This is why they take pageants seriously. They want to make sure that their daughters end up winning a crown. No matter what it takes, they stand behind their daughters. It is also a way of making them divert their attention from a very sad and poor environment to something happy and more beautiful.

    This year, Venezuela is once again up for a serious competition. With Migbelis Castellanos competing in Miss Universe, a back to back victory might once happen. If you wish to see pageants or concerts live, you might want to book your ticket now via http://www.floridageorgialinezone.com/.