• Who am I?

    I once read that you cannot write poetry unless you’re in love. There may some truth to that but my website hopes to teach the reader about music and music lessons, songwriting and poetry, even when not in the throes of passionate emotions. I also hope to rekindle the dwindling interest in poetry, the intimate relationship of poems and songs so that one may be turned into the other, with listeners none the wiser for it and how to write songs and poems as if you meant them.

    On the not so serious side, I’ll write about the latest entertainment news, the weekly or monthly tops in music, reviews on singers and their songs, celebrity hookups and breakups and even their makeup and health regimen. You’ll know who earning big bucks and who’s languishing in near-obscurity, who committed the latest misdemeanors and who made newsworthy racist and anti-religion comments.

    If you’re like me, with moods fluctuating between somber and silly and your head is up in the clouds some days, you’ll probably like my blog.