• Use a Military Bag at School- It’s Ok to be a Nerd

    Date: 2015.04.08 | Category: Other News | Tags:

    istock_kidsThere are a lot of regular school bags to choose from. As long as you’re comfortable with the bag that you use, then go for it. If it can contain everything that you need at school, then nothing should stop you from using it. However, if you are branded as the nerdy guy at school, then don’t try to step out of that image. In fact, you can even prove them they are right and you are cool with it. If you are the type who loves reading and is always on top of the class, then don’t have second thoughts in bringing a huge bag. If it can fit in all your books and you are happy with it, then go for it.

    In this case, you might want to try a military bag. Yes, no one really uses this at school. Most kids would go for bags with their favorite cartoon characters on the cover. Some others would go for bags that are trendy. If you want comfort and convenience, then go for military bags. They are huge enough to fit in everything that you need. If you go for a military rucksack, you might think it is too big for you. However, it can be adjusted to your size.

    The advantages

    When you use a rucksack, you are assured that all your items can be kept in place. The bag can contain all the necessary items and you can even organize them according to your management style. There are also smaller compartments if you wish to include smaller items inside. Bringing the bag wherever you go is also an easy task. Therefore, you won’t feel any problem dealing with it.

    Expect the stares

    Well, the moment you enter the school with such a huge bag, you can expect people to look at you. If you are fine with being the nerdy guy, then go for it. They can’t do anything about it anyway. If they notice you because of that bag, then it is even better for you. They will just get used to it. You can just smile and be brave with your beautiful bag. If you really want to buy a new Military rucksack, then find more military rucksacks choices and buy one right away.