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    florida_georgia_line_bbma_2013_650x430Florida Georgia Line has fast risen to the top ranks. In less than three years, they’ve gotten to a good place that many other artists have to work for, for many many years. It must be their fresh take on country music that has music lovers caught in attention. Fan base is ever growing for Florida Georgia Line and schedule has been pretty busy for a long time now.

    In 2010, the group produced an EP independently, and they made no mistake in doing just that. “Anything Like Me” was well received and a song which Tyler wrote (also included in the EP) was even covered by Jason Aldean in his 2012 album “Night Train”; that album was certified gold, by the way.

    Buddy Lee Attractions became the booking agent for the band. A meeting was arranged with Seth England of Big Loud Shirt Publishing Company; a second EP was put in motion; Moi produced it this time. “Cruise” was a product of that collaboration, and it was a highly successful song which launched them into stardom. After reaching over a hundred thousand in sales, Republic Nashville struck a deal with the group.

    Tyler said besides plain hard work, they credit their success to a true love for music. The group was more concerned with producing great sound and focused less on landing deals. They believed in making great music as being most important of all, and in doing so, they would eventually find great fans and great deals. That is exactly what happened.

    Brian draws from his baseball playing days at Daytona State College. He credits his coach Tim Touma, for teaching him values that he was able to apply beyond the field. The discipline he learned back then was a life changer for him.  Tyler, on the other hand, credits his father for everything. In an interview, he said that his dad was his number one fan who encouraged him to chase his dreams and work hard to get to where he wanted to be. Tyler’s father unfortunately died while he was a sophomore in college.

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