• The Newest News in Science and Technology

    Date: 2015.02.09 | Category: Geeky Stuff, Science Fiction | Tags:

    Science and technology is a huge and strange pair of fields. While they are both geared towards the advancement of humanity, sometimes, there are some weird ideas out there. That doesn’t stop the impressive stories from coming through though, and as it stands, there are more than a few. From the idea of giant walls to a deficiency in young talent within Silicon Valley, here are some of the best news stories online right now.

    The Great Walls of Tornado Prevention

    Tornadoes have always been a huge problem in the American Midwest. They come and go suddenly and with no warning, then cause wanton destruction. This spurns scientists to look for as many solutions as they can to quell this issue. The latest developments in research within this field are the use of huge walls. Apparently, creating giant walls can quell those winds by softening the air cycles once a tornado starts to hit.

    Sprint Owner Pushes for T-mobile Merger

    This one came as a bit of a surprise during this last week of news. Sprint Owner Masyoshi Son has expressed their wish to merge with cell phone carrier service T-mobile. The idea of this merger opens up a lot of potential changes to both companies. Masayoshi has also mentioned that this change can help the American public through better Internet and Cell connectivity. This will be done through the use of effective plans and deployment in telecommunications.

    The Schism Between the New and Old Silicon Valley Generation

    People have always been trying to resolve the old and the new. While people may see it as a tradition to keep up old ways, the constant state of change requires new blood. In Silicon Valley, younger generations don’t communicate with the veterans. Specifically, there has been an influx of young software engineers, which means hardware has fallen to the wayside. This little schism makes it harder for the other face of IT to advance any further than it has.

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