• Laughter and Music for Well-Being

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    increase-your-happinessLaughter and Music, yes, these two play an important part in keeping a person sane and thriving in this world. Living in a technologically advanced age has its advantages and disadvantages. I think, the best thing about this advanced world we live in nowadays is that people enjoy the power of connection. Various modes of communication and connecting with people, products, and information are easily available to anyone.

    Sadly, the worst thing about this advanced world we live in nowadays is that people can and still suffer from disconnection. Many have gotten used to a ‘distant’ type of connecting and communicating where things can easily become superficial and impersonal.

    What a great relief to see that laughter and music has survived all these years, staying relevant no matter what age people live in! These two are so crucial in bringing people back to the simple and pleasant reality of true living.

    The Power of Laughter

    People enjoy a good laugh and will not hesitate spending time and money watching a good movie that promises lots of laughs. People are drawn to funny people. They easily navigate towards personalities that are light, positive, and just downright jolly. Stand-up comedy is one professional craft that has greatly evolved these past years. People flock in to see and hear their favorite stand-up comics perform. Why not give yourself a taste of a daniel tosh tour? Click here and experience firsthand the relaxing power of laughter. Daniel is widely known in the comedy circuit and is popular for his Tosh.O show at Comedy Central.

    The Power of Music

    Much scientific study has been put into the effects of music on the human body and results have been widely published. It’s been proven that music can influence the body and mind towards an intended achievement, some of which are: pain relief, relaxation, healing, increased productivity, and many others. People differ in preferences as to the type of music that appeals to them, but whatever genre it may be, any type often elicits the same response and result. Country music has a wide fan base because people from all walks of life can relate to the theme and rendition of the songs. Many top artists are country musicians. A favorite among young girls like me, Justin Moore is one of these popular country crooners. Teen girls ought to get ticketed to a justin moore tour at least once. Check this for upcoming shows.