• Katy Perry’s on Tour Again!

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    tumblr_ni0gxe6qKf1qj2q0yo1_1280Fans are surely excited about Kat’s upcoming tour, it’s just around the corner! In promotion of her latest album, ‘Prism’, a May 2014 ‘Prismatic World Tour’ is scheduled in many countries. The international concert series will start off in the United Kingdom. Check  Katy Perry Zone for more info.

    Not only is Katy busy with vocal and dance preparations, wardrobe planning has always a big take on her schedule. She puts as much importance on what she does as on what she wears. She truly is a star in every sense.

    When it comes to her wardrobe and costumes, Wujek is her partner. Their minds just do well together, their creativity brings out costumes that really appeal to fans that come and see her perform. Wujek says Katy is very much part of the conceptualization, she gives out a vision, a theme, a certain look. After that, Wujek works on putting materials together in order to make her vision come alive. Production meetings are always collaborated on, successfully, obviously.

    In a recent interview with Lucky Mag, Katy talked aboout her wardrobe choices and preparations, it’s no wonder that with every sighting of her, a talk about her clothes always buzzes around. Katy is very versatile, always reinventing herself, never ceasing to amaze people with how flexible she can be when it comes to looks. She can carry herself in any type of clothing, no doubt about that. People may call her a ‘chameleon’ when it comes to dressing up. See her in previous wardrobe and katy perry costume.

    To match with the theme of her ‘Prism’ album, Kat says that the Katy Perry look for this tour would be fuzzy sweats, schoolgirl skirts, and thigh-highs (black of course and paired with Dr. Martens).

    Kat says her most favorite among costumes she has put on was the Hershey Kiss bikini (by Jeremy Scott). Actually, Perry feels she takes a risk everday, whenever she goes out. She wants to always spice things up, try stuff to wear that’s new and different. However, she says she would never wear anything that would just showcase her private parts. She is fond of ‘stretch’, it accommodates her unstable figure.