• HBO’s Westworld – An Interesting Look at Humans and Artificial Intelligence

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    robot-507811_960_720A few days ago, I saw HBO’s new episode teaser for their original sci-fi series Westworld. Last Monday a new episode came out. My friends encouraged me to check it out because of my interest in human behavior as well as science fiction. So I decided to jump in the bandwagon and see things for myself. Before I started to watch the show, I already researched about the general plot since the first trailer didn’t give much idea on the plot of the series. In my research, I found out that it’s about this futuristic world where people apparently want to go get lost in this park filled with AI dressed in cowboy or cow girl costumes.

    An Intriguing Storyline

    The story revolves around this park designed by a couple of writers, programmers and Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins). According to some of the character narrations, the park has been around for 30 years. The robots are programmed to exhibit human behavior. They are called the hosts, while the park visitors are called the newcomers. The newcomers get to decide what they want to do with the hosts. All of the hosts are at their disposal. It’s more like an adult theme park where anyone can pretend to be anyone. The humans and robots are so alike you barely notice the difference except when someone decides to go on a shooting spree.

    A Lot of Questions

    While the show casts popular names like Anthony Hopin, James Marsden, Thandie Newton and Ed Harris, the story itself is pretty interesting and I would like to see it would pan out. I guess the mystery behind the plot is the whole history of the park. Each of the characters is so intriguing you end up second-guessing them every time the screen blacks out. Like the Man in Black who has such obsession in finding the entry to the Maze and Bernard Lowe who’s conflicted between his feelings towards the differences between the AI and humans. I’d also like to know how the different character arcs would merge in the long run, most especially the developers and the board members who are not shown in the series yet.

    I have already prepared a list of questions about the show like: what prompted the development of such technology in the first place? Whatever happened to the world in that period that drove Dr. Ford to conceptualize the AI and the park? I am also quite interested how much people pay to go to the park.

    So far, the story reveals that some of the newcomers visit the park because it’s the only place they get to feel thrilled when they are inside the park. Some of them enjoy pillaging and murdering, while others embrace the culture of the old west. Others come to escape from their uncertain realities, which is quite ironic in a sense. The show continues to gain more audiences worldwide since a lot of reviews refer to it as the new Game of Thrones. I look forward to watch how they’d use human behavior as a basis for their story.

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