• Beyoncé’s Dressing Room Demand: All-White Furniture

    Date: 2015.02.03 | Category: Other News | Tags:

    Beyonce-album-4-beyonce-32653305-1280-960An office clergy requires a desk in his office, a painter needs an easel in his workshop, and for a famous celebrity performer—a dressing room that goes along with all her demands. Since their dressing rooms had served to be their very own “workplace”. It is a common right for a celebrity performer to have her divalicious, dressing room demands.

    While some celebrity backstage rider wishes may confirm diva suspicions like a barber’s chair for Kanye West. Some may be related to health like when Katy Perry demanded an all veggie buffet in her dressing room. Lady Gaga outwardly wanted a mannequin with some puffy pink pubic hair for some crazy (or well maybe valid) reason, and Beyoncé’s tour ultimatum seems to be quite mundane.

    Beyoncé Knowles Carter, as being a wife of Shawn Corey Carter (AKA stage name Jay-Z), would obviously require the space to be fully baby-proofed for the safety of her then 2-year-old baby Blue Ivy, but the singer also requested that her dressing room must be furnished with an all-white wash furniture and for the room temperature to stay at 72 degrees. (Back in Bey’s 2012 tour rider she requested her room to be kept 78 degrees; she must have warmed up since then.)

    The 32-year-old singer also listed two bars of Irish Spring Bar Soap, some expensive grapefruit scented candles, and also asked that “all food and drinks are to be presented on a table with a clean (and should be) white tablecloth.” As if somebody dumb would dare to give Queen Bey a dirty tablecloth.

    The “Love On Top” singer justifiably has a no camera-policy on set, and like a true diva fashion requested that a large second room has to be set up with a giant vanity mirror and stage lighting to make sure her hair and makeup team can make the star look her best for the performance.

    In addition to her mundane “all-white” whimsy wishes, the singer required that there could absolutely be no Coca-Cola products anywhere in the vicinity of her set as Beyoncé’s current contract only allows her to be seen with Pepsi products.