• Imagine Dragons

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    imagine-dragons-new-use-7-2011Imagine Dragons is busy as ever. The highly popular band is currently on tour but loyal fans will be delighted to hear that a sophomore album is also currently in the works. Frontman Dan Reynolds says about fifty demo tracks for use are already in the working pool, but as to when the actual selection will be made, they don’t know yet. Band members are planning some time off, but even that is still unclear at the moment.

    As soon as the current North American tour finally wraps up, the band still has scheduled performance commitments to keep in Mexico. After that, studio work may commence; but the group won’t be pressured into rushing the second album. Drummer Daniel Platzman says it was the same way with the first album and maybe that accounts a lot for the success ‘Night Visions’ achieved when it was released in 2012. Daniel says the band puts heavy importance in the ‘tracklist creation’ stage. It’s not just about putting songs together, it’s all about the journey for them.

    The new album will show points of growth and maturity, it’s definitely a bit different from the first one. As for questions about being pressured into topping the success of their first album which achieved double platinum status in the U.S. (triple platinum status in Canada), the band dismisses external worries. In his interview with Billboard, Platzman just comments, “We are pretty hard critics ourselves so there is no room for external pressure.”

    High expectations from others don’t really bother them. Grateful indeed for all the recognition and affirmation they receive from media and the music industry, band members still keep their bearings on ground, focused on enjoying two things- making and playing music. Reynolds comments, “None of us got into the music profession to be recognized. We do music because we are unhappy if we aren’t doing it.”

    Fans still have time to catch them live in concert, check out http://www.musotickets.com/imagine-dragons-concert-tickets-tour-dates/ for various ticketing options.  They finish the current leg sometime this April then the band will be off to Europe for festival booking schedules.

  • The Newest News in Science and Technology

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    Science and technology is a huge and strange pair of fields. While they are both geared towards the advancement of humanity, sometimes, there are some weird ideas out there. That doesn’t stop the impressive stories from coming through though, and as it stands, there are more than a few. From the idea of giant walls to a deficiency in young talent within Silicon Valley, here are some of the best news stories online right now.

    The Great Walls of Tornado Prevention

    Tornadoes have always been a huge problem in the American Midwest. They come and go suddenly and with no warning, then cause wanton destruction. This spurns scientists to look for as many solutions as they can to quell this issue. The latest developments in research within this field are the use of huge walls. Apparently, creating giant walls can quell those winds by softening the air cycles once a tornado starts to hit.

    Sprint Owner Pushes for T-mobile Merger

    This one came as a bit of a surprise during this last week of news. Sprint Owner Masyoshi Son has expressed their wish to merge with cell phone carrier service T-mobile. The idea of this merger opens up a lot of potential changes to both companies. Masayoshi has also mentioned that this change can help the American public through better Internet and Cell connectivity. This will be done through the use of effective plans and deployment in telecommunications.

    The Schism Between the New and Old Silicon Valley Generation

    People have always been trying to resolve the old and the new. While people may see it as a tradition to keep up old ways, the constant state of change requires new blood. In Silicon Valley, younger generations don’t communicate with the veterans. Specifically, there has been an influx of young software engineers, which means hardware has fallen to the wayside. This little schism makes it harder for the other face of IT to advance any further than it has.

    One last thing; if you’re looking to get entertained over the weekend, click for more info about a stand up comedy shows you can catch. This way you can relax a bit and get your mind off of the workweek.

  • Justin Moore: 2014 ACM Awards Nominee

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    Held annually, the 49th ACM Awards will be hosted by Blake Shelton (four time ACM Awardee) and Luke Bryan (2013 ACM Entertainer of the Year). A lot of top stars in country music are set to attend and the audience can expect great performances from great artists on April 6. The show will be aired via CBS.

    Justin Moore has been nominated for this year in the ‘New Artist of the Year’ Category. Fans are eagerly anticipating a win for their country music idol but Justin Moore may or may not be dwelling on this thought too much. He is currently busy fulfilling tour performance dates. The past weeks, he was in Indiana, Michigan, Texas, Kentucky, and Oklahoma. Before the Awards night, he will be performing at Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois. Fans may arrange for concert tickets at http://www.musotickets.com/justin-moore-concert-tickets-tour-dates/.

    Justin Moore is from Poyen, Arkansas. He left his home to finally pursue his love for music. He moved to Nashville. Longing for home and for his mom’s own cooking, the budding artist found inspiration to write ‘Small Town USA’, a true home hitter. Many music fans connected well to his message on the simplicity and good spirit of small-town living.  This style and spirit of writing music landed his singles on top spots and rankings; and if he maintains this sincere and authentic approach, he may dominate the charts for a long time.

    Truthfully, Justin Moore isn’t ashamed of his roots. Others view small town life as backward and ‘prison-like’ but Justin enjoys the spirit of simplicity. This simplistic approach to music making and performing has caught the eyes and hearts of music lovers everywhere. In the few years that Moore has been in the music industry, his fan base has widely grown. People are tired of show-offs and ‘fakeness’, and Justin is far from that.

    As to his skill and performance level, there is nothing substandard about it. Justin has proven himself to be a very talented artist. Landing number one spots for his songs like ‘Small Town USA’ proves he is an artist to watch out for. He will only get better. To date, he has had 8 certified top hits, and many other songs on the Top 10 charts.

  • Blake Shelton Nominations Are In!

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    Blake-Shelton-CountryMusicIsLoveBlake Shelton is a hard worker, an excellent hard-worker, and it’s good that he is getting recognition for it. It’s only right to affirm all the great things and achievements Blake has been accomplishing. He is a big asset to the country music industry.

    For many seasons on the TV reality singing show “The Voice”, Blake has been mentoring aspiring music artists. He has helped launched the careers of three winning contestants on the show, showing support for them in every way that a mentor can show support. He has helping these budding artists gain exposure by bringing them into his tours and show appearances. Check http://www.musotickets.com/blake-shelton-concert-tickets-tour-dates/ for more info.

    The Academy of Country Music has taken notice and has included him as a fellow nominee (along with his wife, Miranda Lambert!) in the “Entertainer of the Year” category. He is also nominated along with Taylor Swift, George Strait, and Luke Bryant.

    iHeartRadio will have its first ever Music Awards and nominations have been announced. Last March 26 Channel Communications mentioned those nominated in the country genre: Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, newcomer Thomas Rhett, Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift, and no other than Blake Shelton!

    The iHeartRadio Music Awards is not genre specific, it will give recognition to several styles and categories of music during the awards; but a specific award will be given for country music- ‘Country Song of the Year’.

    For ‘Country Song of the Year’, the following songs have been nominated: “That’s My Kind of Night” (Luke Bryan), “Highway Don’t Care” (Tim McGraw &Taylor Swift), “It Goes Like This” (Thomas Rhett), and two songs by dear Blake Shelton- “Boys ‘Round Here” and  “Mine Would Be You”.

    Winners will be decided purely by fan polls, two rounds of voting will be conducted; this will continue until April 25. Cast your vote at iHeartRadio.com/awards.  All nominees are actually ‘winners’ in a sense, they hold special recognition for being the firsts of all succeeding nominees in years to come.

    Catch the iHeartRadio Music Awards on May 1. The three-hour event will be broadcasted lived via NBC.

    Awarding starts at 7P.M., central time.

  • When Boy Meets Girl: How to Tell If a Guy is Flirting with You

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    spin-2005Flirting may consist of any expression through stylized gestures, body language, provocative speech, postures, or physiological signs which serves as an initial act of intimacy to another person. Among these examples, at least in a Western civilization, are:

    • Banter- is the playful or friendly exchange of teasing remarks.
    • Blowing a kiss- may be an expression to say ‘I love you or I want to kiss you, but I am not ready for kissing yet.’ On the other hand, it could also mean ‘I want to kiss you but I am not close enough, so I will just blow a kiss for you.
    • Casual touches; such as a man gently touching a woman’s elbow to guide her through the crowd.
    • Coyness- being affectedly shy or modest, to be marked by cute, coquettish, or with artful playfulness (pickup lines).
    • Eye contact, eyelashes batting, staring, and winking, etc.
    • Flattery words (regarding beauty or sexual attractiveness)
    • Footsie-flirting- is a form to seduce in which people use their feet to play with another person’s feet.
    • Giggling, chuckling or laughing encouragingly at any slight hint of intimacy from the other person’s behavior.
    • Imitating of behaviors – changing posture as the other one does, or taking a drink when the other person takes a drink.)
    • Maintaining very close distance throughout casual talking.
    • Texting, online chatting and other direct messaging services while hinting their affection
    • Random signals, like touching one’s hair
    • Sending notes, poems, or small gifts
    • Singing specially chosen love songs in the presence of the girl or boy.
    • Smiling suggestively
    • Staging of “chance” opportunities/encounters.
    • Teasing
    • Tickling
    • Winking
    • Eyebrow raising

    While flirting may vary depending on an individual’s cultural and spiritual background, character, and social etiquette, special observations made by professionals was proven to be true when it comes to knowing if a person is flirting or not. Here are some hints for you to tell if a guy likes you through his flirting.

    Detect your date’s face.

    Most of the flirting gesture starts with facial expressions. Here are few of the things to watch for in your date’s face:

    • Tilting of the head. If your date tilts his head slightly while he looks at you, you may bet he is subconsciously showing you he is interested to you.
    • Flashing of the eyebrow. In other words, observe if your man will lift his eyebrows when he looks at you. Though they are subtle, men tend to lift their eyebrows quickly when they see someone they are attracted to.
    • Flared nostrils. Oftentimes, a man’s nostrils will flare slightly when he is interested in a woman. The gesture gives his face with a more “open” expression and betters his probability of appearing attractive to you.
    • A flirtatious smile. Many ways can a man flash his flirtatious smiles at you while you are just in the process of getting to know each other:
      • The sneer. While at first this can come across as coy and cute, it is often an indication that the guy just wants something physical. The half smile is meant to look alluring and mysterious without engaging you to get emotionally attached.
      • The closed-mouth smile. This smile is generally construed as a good thing; he is into you, but he is just a bit shy. Do not be surprised if it takes awhile till he open up to you.
      • The smirk. This smile is easy to get confused with the closed-mouth smile. Though, generally the smirk will come from only one side of the mouth, but the close mouth smile will be the same on both sides.

    Discern his eye contact.        

    If you have just met, he may look away each time he catches you looking at him. But as you get more comfortable being together, you will notice stronger eye contact and more gazes that last longer than a couple of seconds.

    Watch his chest.

    A man keeps his chest pointed towards the most important thing in the room for him. Therefore, a guy who is interested in knowing you will keep his torso and shoulders pointed at you, even if he’s looking in a different direction.

    • Note: this also holds true for his pelvis. If you are standing far apart and he keeps his pelvis directed to you, even when he turns, he is probably interested.

    Peek at his legs.

    If he is standing with his feet set wide apart, he is trying to look powerful and showing off for you.

    Be aware of his hands.

    If you see him hooks his hands on his pockets or belt loops, he probably be trying to subconsciously move your interest to that part of his body. Similarly, standing with his hands on his hips is a subconscious way for the guy to look powerful and sexy for you.

    Gage his giggle-factor.

    Does he laugh effortlessly around you? A guy who is attracted to you and comfortable around you will laugh more effortlessly than a man who cares less. In addition, the guy may also try harder to make you laugh or get you to notice him. If your guy is exceptionally silly around you or extremely loud when you are in the same room, you may bet he is hoping you find him as funny as he finds you.

    Take cautious watch when he is standing near you.

    He may try to move in closer when you don not seem to be watching to test if you feel comfortable around him. During normal conversations, a man will be one and a half to two feet away from the person he’s talking to. If he is closer, you can take that as a sign that he is attracted to you.

    Notice the proximity when you sit next to each other.

    If the guy leans in very close and pressed against your shoulder to whisper to you, if he bend over his head on yours or on your shoulder, or if he nudges you or lightly pushes you, these are all signs he is interested in you.

  • Understanding Why Some People Just Can’t Let Go of a Bad Habit

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    Habit is something that develops over time. You keep on doing this action up until you start doing it without even noticing it. Sadly, not all habits are good. If you have developed a bad habit, letting go of it could be a huge problem.

    This is true especially for impulsive shoppers. If you are one of them, you will definitely have a hard time changing ways. You keep on buying things you don’t need. You spend your money on things that are way beyond what you can afford. The worst part is that there are other things you need to pay for. You are barely making ends meet, but you are still obsessed in shopping.

    Why is this happening? 

    You face this problem because you allow yourself to do it. The same thing applies to all other vices including gambling, smoking and drinking. Unless you find a motivation to change your habit, you will keep doing it.

    For shopping problems, the best thing to do is to always take a look at the amount that you are yet to pay. You might have unpaid debts that keep on growing because of the interest rates. You might even have a lot of problems at home that are not taken care of.

    For instance, you have been facing a recurring plumbing problem, and you are not doing anything to fix it. You make sacrifices on basic things you need at home just because you want to go shopping.

    Don’t let your brain play with you. These are not problems that were caused by external factors. You can always find a way to fix the problem. You just have to be focused on solving it.

    Stop the foolishness now 

    If you have shopping problems, it is time to do something about it. You must have a rule that you can only shop if you have enough money left. This means that if you have plumbing problems at home, you have to call Sam Dunn plumbing first and solve this problem. If you have other debts that are yet to be paid, you have to pay them first.

    Once you think you have enough money left, it is the only time for you to go on shopping. Most of all, you have to shop for items that you need and not for items that you want. Don’t compare yourself with people at work who have enough money to afford branded items. Perhaps, they have other sources of income or they are married to a rich person. Even if you are earning the same amount of money, you are not the same in terms of finances. You must not compare yourself with them and desire to have whatever they own. You will just lose in the end.

    You deserve a reward for your hard work. Just remember that this reward must not be at the expense of other payments that are more important. There are ways to be rewarded without sacrificing your monthly budget plan.


  • HBO’s Westworld – An Interesting Look at Humans and Artificial Intelligence

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    robot-507811_960_720A few days ago, I saw HBO’s new episode teaser for their original sci-fi series Westworld. Last Monday a new episode came out. My friends encouraged me to check it out because of my interest in human behavior as well as science fiction. So I decided to jump in the bandwagon and see things for myself. Before I started to watch the show, I already researched about the general plot since the first trailer didn’t give much idea on the plot of the series. In my research, I found out that it’s about this futuristic world where people apparently want to go get lost in this park filled with AI dressed in cowboy or cow girl costumes.

    An Intriguing Storyline

    The story revolves around this park designed by a couple of writers, programmers and Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins). According to some of the character narrations, the park has been around for 30 years. The robots are programmed to exhibit human behavior. They are called the hosts, while the park visitors are called the newcomers. The newcomers get to decide what they want to do with the hosts. All of the hosts are at their disposal. It’s more like an adult theme park where anyone can pretend to be anyone. The humans and robots are so alike you barely notice the difference except when someone decides to go on a shooting spree.

    A Lot of Questions

    While the show casts popular names like Anthony Hopin, James Marsden, Thandie Newton and Ed Harris, the story itself is pretty interesting and I would like to see it would pan out. I guess the mystery behind the plot is the whole history of the park. Each of the characters is so intriguing you end up second-guessing them every time the screen blacks out. Like the Man in Black who has such obsession in finding the entry to the Maze and Bernard Lowe who’s conflicted between his feelings towards the differences between the AI and humans. I’d also like to know how the different character arcs would merge in the long run, most especially the developers and the board members who are not shown in the series yet.

    I have already prepared a list of questions about the show like: what prompted the development of such technology in the first place? Whatever happened to the world in that period that drove Dr. Ford to conceptualize the AI and the park? I am also quite interested how much people pay to go to the park.

    So far, the story reveals that some of the newcomers visit the park because it’s the only place they get to feel thrilled when they are inside the park. Some of them enjoy pillaging and murdering, while others embrace the culture of the old west. Others come to escape from their uncertain realities, which is quite ironic in a sense. The show continues to gain more audiences worldwide since a lot of reviews refer to it as the new Game of Thrones. I look forward to watch how they’d use human behavior as a basis for their story.

    I was so engrossed with the updates and progress of the story, that I almost forgot my mom wanted me to check on professional plumber Para Hills at http://www.samdunnplumbing.com.au/para-hills/. Now, it’s back to reality for me.

  • Music as My Escape

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    music_saves_my_soulWhen things get so busy with life in general or even if things are peachy, I retreat to my room and plug in my Beats by Dr. Dre and blast music as loudly as I can to escape everything and relax at the same time. Music has been a big part of my young life. I was first exposed to music as a young girl. Ever since then and until now that I have developed particular tastes in music, I make sure that not a day goes by that I don’t listen to music depending on my mood.


    I have a wide range of taste in music. I make sure to explore new music as well as old ones – those released when I haven’t been born yet. I love pop music – any young girl does I suppose – rock, RnB, alternative, dance, techno as well as new wave and heavy metal. My phone’s memory is taken up mostly by my music, more than my photos do. When there is a new song on Spotify I download it at once to include in my different playlists. I have playlists for studying, road trips, chilling, running and many more. I make playlists depending on my mood and the songs that I want to listen to at the moment.

    Favorite Artists

    I have a lot of favorite singers and bands whose songs are on loop in my phone. I like the usual suspects – Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, One Direction and the like. But I don’t limit myself to these contemporary artists. I make sure to discover new artists on the Internet because I know there is also good music coming from independent ones.

    Cover Artists

    I recently discovered cover bands Adelaide when I was up all night browsing the Internet and YouTube in particular. There are plenty of cover bands on the Internet and the artists sing covers in their own style. They incorporate their own singing style to original songs to make great covers. I have been listening to them for a few weeks now and I continue to search for other cover bands, and singers. I also love listening to Daniella Andrade’s soothing and soulful voice where she covers all types of music. Boyce Avenue is another favorite. The vocalist’s voice is so sexy, and paired with their instruments they make ear-pleasing cover music.

    My phone’s memory is almost full, thanks to my extensive music collection. I think it’s high time to upgrade my phone’s memory or get a new music player for all my new musical discoveries. I am also not fond of deleting songs that I don’t usually listen to. I keep them in my phone so when the mood strikes that I miss listening to old songs in my phone, I can easily play them again. This is why my phone is running at a snail’s pace because my memory is running low. I am always on the lookout for new music by famous artists as well as not-so-famous ones.

  • Benefits of Buying Musical Instruments from a Music Store Over Buying It Elsewhere

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    If you are planning to buy a new musical instrument then your best option would be buying it from an actual musical instruments store since you will actually be able to get a lot of benefits from it compared to when you buy a new musical instrument from someone or privately since there are actually a lot of risks from it like you can never be sure if that is an authentic instrument, and most importantly, you will not be able to be sure if that was made out of quality materials. And that is why on this post, you will be aware of those benefits that you will get if you will buy from an actual musical instruments store.

    So the first benefit that you will get is that you will be able to have a lot of choices since they have most brands of the musical instruments that are in stock which means that you will really be able to compare the musical instruments right there and then, in front of you. Also, you have a lot of choices, and most of the time you will be able to get what you are looking for since they have their own suppliers and they may be able to find a way to get what you want, like when you are looking for a specific make and model of an instrument that they do not have in their store, but they know that one of their suppliers have it.

    Another benefit that you will be able to get is that you can take advantage of ongoing promos or a sale or exclusive offers, more especially with clearance sale that you will be able to take advantage of having a lower price of the instrument that you have been eyeing for a long time now.

    And the best thing about it is that you will be able to speak with actual person or people who really know what instrument would be best for you, especially if you are still a newbie. Like for example if you are looking for a particular drum set then the best thing that you could do is go to actual drum stores Adelaide at http://www.globalmusicrevolution.com.au/drum-store/ so that you will be able to speak with a live person who can tell you most of the advantages and disadvantages of that particular instrument that you are planning to buy which means that you will be able to compare other instruments from their store so that you will be able to find the right match for you.


    Therefore if you are going to buy a new musical instrument, especially if it’s for yourself then it would be best if you will go to an actual musical instrument store so that you will be able to have a lot of choices, then you can also check out their promos or any exclusive offers that they can give you and most especially you will be able to speak with a live person that can guide you in buying from their store for a specific musical instrument that you have been wanting to buy.

  • Use a Military Bag at School- It’s Ok to be a Nerd

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    istock_kidsThere are a lot of regular school bags to choose from. As long as you’re comfortable with the bag that you use, then go for it. If it can contain everything that you need at school, then nothing should stop you from using it. However, if you are branded as the nerdy guy at school, then don’t try to step out of that image. In fact, you can even prove them they are right and you are cool with it. If you are the type who loves reading and is always on top of the class, then don’t have second thoughts in bringing a huge bag. If it can fit in all your books and you are happy with it, then go for it.

    In this case, you might want to try a military bag. Yes, no one really uses this at school. Most kids would go for bags with their favorite cartoon characters on the cover. Some others would go for bags that are trendy. If you want comfort and convenience, then go for military bags. They are huge enough to fit in everything that you need. If you go for a military rucksack, you might think it is too big for you. However, it can be adjusted to your size.

    The advantages

    When you use a rucksack, you are assured that all your items can be kept in place. The bag can contain all the necessary items and you can even organize them according to your management style. There are also smaller compartments if you wish to include smaller items inside. Bringing the bag wherever you go is also an easy task. Therefore, you won’t feel any problem dealing with it.

    Expect the stares

    Well, the moment you enter the school with such a huge bag, you can expect people to look at you. If you are fine with being the nerdy guy, then go for it. They can’t do anything about it anyway. If they notice you because of that bag, then it is even better for you. They will just get used to it. You can just smile and be brave with your beautiful bag. If you really want to buy a new Military rucksack, then find more military rucksacks choices and buy one right away.

  • Dog Health Care: A List Style

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    Dog-Health-CareCelebrities have their own names in showbiz. As their viewers and fans, we get updates from them about what films or television series they are in, or what’s happening in their daily lives. They are the center of attraction of almost everyone. They can be seen in movies and television for their shows, and magazines, newspapers and billboards for their advertisements. Whether they do good or bad things to affect their reputation, they still make it to the news everyday. Whatever activities they do, everyone knows them. When these celebrities fall in love or fall out of love, it becomes the biggest news to gossip about. And when it comes to their pets, they also become instant celebrities as well.

    For other celebrities, they just want to have a pet or two to have some company whenever they are not busy. They become a part of their owner’s life and are also considered as part of the family. Their owner-and-pet relationship sometimes being close that their owners make sure that their pets are having the best experience in terms of care and pampering. However, no matter how much they take care of pets, especially if these are breeds that shed a lot, there are times when their hairs are all over the place.

    Wherever they go or stay, dogs may leave hairs on the floor, couches, pillows, and everywhere else. It may be normal to dogs to scatter their hairs all over the place, but still their owners might have a hard time to take care of the mess. To remedy this, celebrities turn to http://www.playsafedogs.com/best-vacuum-for-pet-hair.

    When it comes to their pet’s food, owners are selecting the best. They make sure that the dog food is perfect for their dogs and nutritious as well. Since the owners are celebrities, they can buy better dog food for pit bulls at  http://www.playsafedogs.com/best-dog-food-for-pitbulls. They can get more supply to make sure that their pets have enough food for the day or even for a week. This way if they are busy with their work for a long time, their pets will not go hungry and still have the vitamins and nutrients they need.

    Dogs are smart, that they can pick their favorite dog food. If that is the case, owners can at least have some sample dog food first, and if their pets liked it, they can consider buying for them.

  • Why Venezuela Remains a Pageant Powerhouse

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    With several major international crowns in its bag, Venezuela is definitely the reigning powerhouse in pageants. In fact, it success is not just in recent years. It has constantly done well throughout the entire history of pageantry. Every year, people look forward to the new representatives of Venezuela. In fact, each year, the Miss Venezuela pageant runs for at least 3 hours. However, it still rakes a huge TV rating. Given its success, what are the secrets of this pageant powerhouse?

    1. Venezuelans take pageants seriously. It is just like how Americans look at basketball or Chinese take gymnastics. Venezuelan beauties dream to become queens at a very young age. Their parents hone them to become beauty queens. When they reach their teenage years, they start going to beauty schools and learn how to be a true beauty queen.
    2. The Miss Venezuela organization headed by Osmel Souza is really strict in determining the winner. They also let the girls go through a very serious and daunting series of tasks before the coronation night. There are pasarela (catwalk) trainings, communication skills development, personality development trainings and many others. They even go through surgeries whenever necessary. They also have rigorous training in time for international pageants.
    3. Venezuela is a very poor country despite being rich in oil deposits. Families see their daughters as their only hope out of poverty. This is why they take pageants seriously. They want to make sure that their daughters end up winning a crown. No matter what it takes, they stand behind their daughters. It is also a way of making them divert their attention from a very sad and poor environment to something happy and more beautiful.

    This year, Venezuela is once again up for a serious competition. With Migbelis Castellanos competing in Miss Universe, a back to back victory might once happen. If you wish to see pageants or concerts live, you might want to book your ticket now via http://www.floridageorgialinezone.com/.